Learning from peer 2: Checklist for Today’s Teacher

The checklist (TeachThought, 2016) for Today’s teacher posted from the peer was helpful for me to use as a checklist to reflect on my teaching when doing professional experience. Checklist number 10 (I believe that I would enjoy being a student in my classroom) seems to be a simple one, however, it reminds me of the effectiveness of delivering the lessons. If I did not enjoy being a student in my own class that means I did not deliver the lesson effectively by engaging and motivating students to learn. Reflecting on the checklist will allows me to think deeply about the changes which should be made to support better learning outcomes. This checklist will be the one I focus on when teaching Prep other lessons in next weeks.


TeachThought (2016). Teaching In 2017: A Checklist For 21st Century Teachers Retrieved from https://www.teachthought.com/the-future-of-learning/teaching-in-2017-a-checklist-for-21st-century-teachers/.




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