Learning from peer 1 – ‘The 11 characteristics of the Age Appropriate Pedagogies’

I have followed Barb blog and am interested in the link and the post of  ‘the 11 characteristics  of the Age Appropriate Pedagogies’ representing ‘a set of desirable qualities teachers can consider when working with children and colleagues so they are responsive to each individual child, context and purpose of learning’(ECECDET, 2017). The characteristics include: Active • Agentic • Collaborative • Creative • Explicit • Language rich and dialogic • Learner focused • Narrative • Playful • Responsive • Scaffolded. Accessing the link Barb mentioned in the blog and reading further explanations of each character on the website, I had a better understanding of the pedagogies. In my opinion, the 11 characteristics are helpful for me to apply when teaching during my prac. Completing week 1 professional experience, I observed the mentor teacher in the class and realized that the teacher used most of the characteristic when communicating with preservice teacher, other colleagues and teaching students. Having a copy of the 11 characteristics beside me when writing lesson plans for next week, I am able to apply some pedagogies as teaching strategies to meet the learning purposes and differentiation, and to ensure children will have a voice in the learning process.


Early Childhood Education and Care Department of Education and Training [ECECDET] (2017). Characteristics. Retrieved from https://det.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood/about-us/age-appropriate-pedagogies/characteristics.





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