Using technology versus technology integration

The table showing the differences between using technology and technology integration (Rao, 2013) in the week 6 lecture helped me to track my unit of work’s ICTs- enriched learning activities. I looked through all the learning experiences planned and asked myself questions ‘what are the goals of technology integration?’ ‘who will use technology?’ ‘how can I make changes to focus on technology integration rather than using technology for the sake of using technology?’ My purposeful goals of technology integration are to support curricular goals and learning objectives, to engage students with content, to create and develop new thinking processes and to encourage higher-order thinking skills (Rao, 2013). I realized that I used technology in constructing knowledge rather than providing opportunities for students to use ICT to transform their learning. I made some changes in the unit plan in which ICT was used to transform the learning and focused on technology mostly being used by the students (Rao, 2013). I also focused on using decoding learning themes that support students learn with others through their discussion, learn through practice and learn from their assessment (Farwell, 2017).


Farwell, V. (2017). EDC3100: Week 6 – Enhancing your ICT enriched learning experiences. University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved from

Rao, A. (2013). What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”?. Retrieved from




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