Five stages of teacher development in ICTs

The topic I learnt in week 1 was understanding ICT as well as setting up the blog. I understand there are five stages of teacher development using ICTs: 1. Inaction, 2. Investigation, 3.Application, 4. Integration, 5. Transformation (Finger, 2007 as cited in Dann, 2017). The description of each stage helps me understand different stages when applying ICTs in teaching to assist students learn effectively. ‘Integration’ and ‘transformation’ are two stages that I will focus on to create an ICT- enriched unit plan. I would use ICTs such as PowerPoint presentation embedded with educational videos or educational games

to provide students with opportunities to achieve learning outcomes through the learning experience provided. I would organize learning activities which help students learn with ICTs to transform the knowledge they learnt.


Stage Description of key difference(s)
Inaction There is a general lack of action and/or interest
Investigation The teacher has developed an interest in using ICT with students and is beginning to act on this interest.
Application The teacher is regularly using ICT with students and knows how to do so competently and confidently
Integration The use of ICT becomes critical to the support of the learning environment and the opportunity for students to achieve learning outcomes through the learning experiences provided.
Transformation The teacher is able to take on leadership roles (formal and informal) in the use of ICT and be knowledgeably reflective on its integration by his/herself and others


Dann, C. (2017). EDC3100- Week 1: First tutorial – PowerPoint presentation. University of Southern Queensland. Retrieved  from



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